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At our November 2014 meeting, Bob (SeaBee) Stevens gave a short talk and presented one of his many videos of USA service veterans. He has produced well over 100 such videos and many are broadcast on many local cities’ and towns’ TV access channels. They are also available to download from the internet, WWW, on a computer.
The video presented at the November meeting was an outstanding story. For those of you interested in seeing more, click on the link below. This will connect you with the whole collection of the interviews done to date. . by branch of service, by war, by action [combat vs. non-combat]. When you get to the web page, click on "videos" to watch Bob's interviews.
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If you would like to do a TV recorded interview of your service experience[s], have any comments, or know of some other veteran [male or female] who might be so inclined please contact Bob.
You may contact him at;
Bob Stevens
200 Alliance Way
Manchester, NH 03102
603- 232- 2691
Or email him at

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